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Walter Benjamin: philosopher, literary critic and translator. Born in 1892 in Berlin. In September 1940 during his flight from the National Socialists the left-wing writer and Jew dies in the northern Spanish border town of Portbou. Benjamin fears that the lack of an exit stamp from France will cause him to be handed over to the Nazis, so he commits suicide. Hitler’s henchmen drive European emigrants south across France before them. In 1994 the internationally highly regarded artist, Dani Karavan, created a memorial in the Portbou cemetery.
In 2007 the Walter Benjamin hiking trail completed with information boards along the route. It commemorates Benjamin’s last journey across the Pyrenees from Banyuls-sur-Mer in France to Portbou.
The memorial site and the hiking trail have been very popular for many years and the name Portbou is inextricably linked with the death of the Jewish academic, while being pursued by the Nazis. It is the purpose of this website and the mobile app to present a first opportunity to get to know Walter Benjamin as a person, the circumstances of and background to his flight, and to discover parallels between then and now.
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September 2007: the waymarking for the hiking trail from Banyuls in France and Portbou in northern Spain is now completed. At every point along the route there is a change in perspective between the views of the turquoise blue sea and the mountain ranges, shimmering in the midday heat. One day awe-inspiring hurricane-strength tramontane winds; the next tranquil solitude. A day’s walk full of variety, in no way alpine, but not a gentle stroll either. At times a pleasant walk between the vineyards and dry river beds, along tarmacked roads with scarcely any shade, between fertile gardens, and often along goat tracks between olive trees twisted by the storms.
Lizards scurry across boulders, and with luck you will see a gecko dozing in the sun. At the top the escape route becomes a scree slope, the pass lies a good 500 metres above the glittering surface of the sea. Has it become two seas? The enchanting panorama lets you forget for a moment the fate of thousands of refugees who crossed and still cross this plateau.
The F-route, named for Lisa and Hans Fittko, brings thousands of people to Portbou, a decisive step on their way to freedom. Walter Benjamin, however, commits suicide there in late summer 1940, terrified by the presence here of the National Socialists.

In memory of the people, who, in 1940, escaped with their lives along the F-route (and nowadays the Walter Benjamin Trail). Or in memory of those for whom, even today, a border is more than just a line. From Banyuls to Portbou on foot, a day among olive trees and on stony paths.
  • But who is this Lisa Fittko, to whom there is a monument on the route?
  • And what is Walter Benjamin referring to in his philosophical essay on the technical reproducibility of works of art, films and photographs?
At eleven points along the way we explain the background to the story- for Android appliances no mobile connection is required, even up on the pass or down in a narrow valley. The app for smartphone/tablet can be downloaded here or from the app store . After this the tours can be downloaded to be used offline anywhere and at any time.
The GPS technology of the Android app helps you to find the sometimes meandering path. At eleven places suitable for resting you can hear, see and read background information. An online version for users of other systems will be available.
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Portbou and Banyuls can both be reached easily by French railway SNCF as there are direct trains from Paris and Strasbourg which stop there.
All types of accommodation are available from the simple private holiday apartment in Portbou to hotels of all categories along the coast.
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